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Serieskaperen bak «Pretty Little Liars», Marlene King, tok tidlig et standpunkt om at Emily bare skulle være nok en vakker liten løgner.

At Emily elsker kvinner er bare en liten del av karakteren, men den varme mottakelsen hun har mottatt og påvirkningen hun har hatt gleder King.

- It’s really the icing on the cake for us. When I very first read the book, and just in theory, you see the poster for pretty girls -- a show about pretty girls who lie. Who would have thought that we could also have this fantastic positive impact on young people, and I will just say, all people who watch this show? We want to make the sexuality somewhat irrelevant in our world. Emily is just another Pretty Little Liar and that’s the stance we took from the beginning, and it’s the stance we continue to take, forteller hun til SheWired.

Karakteren Emily var spesielt vanskelig å caste.

- Shay is stunningly beautiful both inside and out, and there wasn’t a type we were looking for physically with Emily. Emily was the last character we cast in the show and we met with so many people, wonderful talented actors… But really, once we got Shay we felt like, “Ok. This is the pretty outside Emily and inside that we had been looking for.”

King avslører også at karakteren Paige, spilt av Lindsey Shaw, kommer tilbake til serien.
- Lindsey is coming back and we love her, she is such a quality human being everybody is excited to have her back on the show. I think it not giving too much away to say the character of Paige has grown immensely since the last time we saw her and she does attribute a lot of that to her relationship with Emily. So, it’s a really a lovely story line.


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